Community Service

Editor Role

  • Book Review Editor (with M. Perezts & L. Andersson) at Organization Studies (from Oct 2017 to 2021)

Editorial Boards

Currently I serve on the Editorial Boards of several journals, and these are listed in alphabetical order:

  • Australian Journal of Management (from 2012)
  • Human Relations (from 2013)
  • Journal of Management Studies (from 2012)
  • Journal of Organizational Behavior (from 2014)
  • Organization Studies (from 2014)

Symposia and Conference Streams

Further to this, I have organised several symposia and conference streams, or have been part of them previously.

  • Sub-theme convenor at EGOS meeting 2017 in Copenhagen (Title: Do ‘good’ (or ‘bad’) emotions equate to ‘good’ (or ‘bad’) organizations?) (co-convenors: Yiannis Gabriel and Deanna Geddes)
  • Sub-theme convenor at EGOS meeting 2015 in Athens on 'speaking truth to power: organising for the greater good' (co-convenors: Yiannis Gabriel and Deanna Geddes)
  • A 'showcase' symposium at the AOM meeting 2014 in Philadelphia on 'moral anger' (co-chair: Deanna Geddes)
  • A symposium at the EGOS meeting 2013 in Montreal on 'neuroscience and leadership' (co-chair: Mike Zundel)
  • Paper on negative leader behaviours presented at symposium organised by Birgit Schyns at the IWP Meeting 2012 in Sheffield
  • A symposium at the BAM meeting 2009 on ‘antecedents and consequences of leader emotion’ (co-chair: Susan Cartwright).


In terms of institutional leadership, I have previously served in a number of functions at ULMS:

  • PGR Director at ULMS
  • Member of Research and PGR Committee
  • Member of the Management Group
  • Member of the NARTI steering group
  • Pathway leader for business and management in the context of the NWDTC