Where possible and relevant, my approach to teaching reflects research-led teaching. Located at the frontiers of knowledge, it is a very powerful approach to maintain student engagement. Over the years, my pedagogical approach has developed into that of a Socratic gadfly that stings the horse into action.

I currently teach, or have taught in the past, the following subjects:

  • Leadership (UG level)
  • Philosophy of Science (in the context of management studies and advanced methods) (PGR level)
  • Building theories in management research (PGR level)
  • Qualitative methods management research (PGR level)
  • Advanced issues in management research (PGR level)
  • Core skills (PGR level)


I have taught these modules now for several years, and have consistently received very positive student evaluations, while optimising the delivery of these modules. In 2012, I become a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy having obtained a formal qualification to teach in HE.