Talk on Moral Anger

This talk was held at the University of Liverpool on the 9th of December 2015 in the context of its ‘engage@liverpool’ initiative. It is based on an essay forthcoming in Organization Studies as part of a new X and Organization Studies series in that journal. The essay is a result of most inspiring collaboration with Yiannis Gabriel, and I hope you will find it worth your while watching the video.

Finally, I am grateful to David Ellis for his help and producing the video recording, and to Michael Mair to help set up the event. For technical reasons, the video had to be split into two parts. You will see Part 1 being featured above Part 2. It is probably advisable to use headphones, especially if you happen to watch the videos while others are around.

Anger and Organization Studies_ From Social Disorder to Moral Order (Part 1 of 2), 09_12_15.mp4

Anger and Organization Studies_ From Social Disorder to Moral Order (Part 2 of 2), 09_12_15.mp4

ANGER AT WORK - Public University Event 23rd of June 2016 at Cardiff University

What others thought about the talk at the Public University Event at Cardiff Business School….


Student of Art Therapy

I watched your lecture the other night and really enjoyed it. I felt that your championing of seeking what the ‘message in the madness’ was or could be, provides a really useful way of thinking about how our own and/or society’s defensive reactions to someone’s anger blocks our ability to find out the meaning behind it and subsequently we miss out on opportunities for understanding – useful for me especially in my learning right now, so thank you!

Social Enterprise Manager

I watched your lecture from 23rd June and thought it was very interesting!  A world without anger eh? As you explained this it reminded me I must try to make time to catch up with a recent documentary, which seems to be about a different kind of anger that we don’t do anything about.