Talks and Knowledge Exchange

Sharing the knowledge emerging in social science studies is vital in identifying fault lines in society, just as it can offer important solutions to these. Not all studies I have published have an ‘immediate’ relevance effect upon society, but that does not mean it may not surface at a later stage. There are, however, other studies where the relevance has a more immediate presence. It is in these instances where I reach out to the media to disseminate findings to the general public.

In addition to efforts to engage with the media, I have recently given a public talk on “Anger and (dis)order in Society” at a ‘Political Saloon’ in a small coffee shop in Manchester. The event attracted an audience of some 30 people, and received extremely positive feedback.

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I have also given several corporate talks in the UK and Germany in the past. Lastly, I am currently liaising with a Canadian-based NGO to help them better grasp the finer nuances of anger expressions at work, such that not anger expression must be inherently negative in the context of work. If morally motivated anger is correctly and promptly identified, it can serve as a tool of organisational diagnosis that reveals where the pressure points are in relation to unjust or unfair procedures at work, among other things.

Over the years, I have also given numerous talks and seminars at various national and international universities, including University of Bristol, Lancaster University, Durham University, Oxford University, Griffith University.

Please do not hesitate to contact me in relation to public/corporate talks or seminars. Please use this contact form.