Lindebaum D (2009)
Academy of Management Learning and Education 8(2): 225-237.
Publication year: 2009

I examine the feasibility of developing emotional intelligence (EI) from the vantage point of organizational endeavor versus individual initiative. I challenge the view that organizations can readily develop the EI of individuals. I articulate a number of barriers that impair these endeavors. I propose a conceptual map, which illustrates the process of organizations attempting to develop EI, as well as the impact of these barriers. Instead of organizational endeavors to develop EI, I advocate a self-initiated modification of attitudes in order to foster enhanced self-awareness. I argue that this can give rise to the emotional and intellectual growth that lies at the heart of the ability conceptualization of EI. I conclude that the barriers identified can considerably impair the prospect of developing EI in an organizational context. Conversely, encouraging individuals to foster their EI using a personal development initiative may have great remedial effects, transcending the dichotomy of private and organizational life.